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Beatrice Njeri

Accounting Partner

Having over 10 years of experience, I can drive out inefficiencies through process improvements as well as assist in the maintenance and substantiation of accounting processes. I am competent in project financial management including timesheets analysis for invoicing, performance and risk monitoring, designing and implementing project budgets, cash and bank reconciliation. I am a driven partner eager for professional growth, increased responsibility, and the opportunity to apply extensive management experience in a challenging environment.

A passionate and result-driven finance, tax and accounting professional, having demonstrated competence in providing financial information in all areas of the organization while ensuring that all management information is accurate. I possess exceptional interpersonal, communication, and staff management skills demonstrated during a history of the building and maintaining positive working relationships.

A success-driven individual with the ability to perform in highly pressurized and challenging working environments, offering a significant contribution whether operating independently or leading an efficient and productive team.


Nairobi, Kenya


Tax Compliance



+254 727 558 078

Authored Insights

The introduction of eTIMS changes almost every aspect of corporate tax compliance in Kenya – in some ways, the old order is gone and a

In 2016, the Authority discovered that taxpayers were claiming input VAT despite the absence of genuine purchase documents. Investigations revealed that some taxpayers did, in